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Here at BCFBC, we can talk all day about how important our resources are for you - but you shouldn’t just take our word for it. Check out some video and written testimonials from folks just like you, and discover what BCFBC can do for your family and business.

Tina Ebrahimi - CEO of Palagon Ventures Corporation - North Vancouver

“Rani’s help was very crucial to improve the overall performance of our business. Rani helped us in using a consistent system of processes to handle our inventory, accounting, sales, and marketing functions. Today, we have a much clearer view of our business position, opportunities, and risks. He completely restructured the way we do our daily business and consequently we achieved more than 20% reduction in cost this year without any compromise on service levels. Most importantly, with Rani’s constructive advice on succession planning, we are more aware now on how to plan for passing our business on to our two children.
We are tremendously thankful for Rani’s eloquent professionalism, punctuality, consistent follow up on the implementation of his recommendations, and the periodic adjustments he recommends. Thank you Rani for your efforts and we strongly believe that your Family Business Center is an invaluable support to family businesses in metro Vancouver.

Salam Kheireddine
CEO and Owner
AR&A Auto-Wrecking

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