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Comprehensive Services That Help You Meet Your Specific Goals

Your business is unique, and your family is special. You deserve customized services designed to help you meet your very specific goals, and realize your long-term vision. Whether you’re hoping to transfer the operation of your business to your children, mediate a disagreement within your family business, or simply increase your bottom line - you’ve come to the right place. We’re excited to customize our services to help you meet your company and family goals.

Succession Planning: Succession and estate planning is a multifaceted process that involves legal, taxation, and financial planning knowledge. We take a holistic approach to succession planning and help you engage family members and stakeholders in the process. We coordinate with professionals of your choice - from corporate lawyers to tax strategists, and financial advisors - or you can choose to count on our team to help you formalize and execute a smart plan.We use a customized array of tools including estate freeze, family trusts, corporate wills and holding companies to achieve your succession objectives.

Mediation: Running a family business is hard, and conflict of interests among family members can make success nearly impossible. That’s where BCFBC comes in. We use a goal-oriented, strictly confidential mediation process that resolves present conflicts, and proposes smart structural changes that ensure the future success of your organization.

Corporate Governance: We design and implement a customized governance framework for you that organizes the relationship among owners, a small board of directors, and the company’s management. It also clearly separates your specific roles and responsibilities. This framework adds significant autonomy to the business, ensures a smooth decision-making process, and clarifies accountability for business decisions.

Organization Structure: You’ll get a comprehensive organization structure as per corporate governance-leading practices. This includes roles, responsibilities, job descriptions, and delegation of authority matrices. This way, you can move forward with clarified roles and responsibilities that allow your company to operate smoothly and effectively.

Business Process Improvement: We adjust and simplify your workflow processes, and ensure they are effectively integrated with your company’s existing software(s). Systematic use of these processes will reduce your business costs and boost efficiency, effectiveness, and unlock your potential growth now and in the future.

Implementation and Sustainability: The BCFBC products and services are never meant to end up as just an extra document on your desk, or another item on your to-do list. That’s why we give you an outstanding implementation action plan; an essential component of every work product we deliver. We cooperate with you, our valued client, to implement your action plan and sustain truly positive and game-changing results.

Employee/Management Training: Your employees’ buy-in is crucial to the success of every change you implement, and every step you take. That’s why we give your employees and management expert training during and after the implementation of our recommendations. This way, you can rest easy knowing the transition period is smooth and successful.

Services for Startups: We encourage startups in our community and provide them with corporate registration services in BC for a nominal fee. We also write business plans and advise startups on leading practices in cost and risk reduction as well as on overall management efficiency. Whatever your goals, struggles, or vision for the future; BCFBC is here at your side, ensuring you and your family get where you want to be.

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