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Making Your Family Business a Lasting Success
You’ve found the world-class experts in family business consulting; providing transformative succession management, mediation, business coaching, and performance improvement.

Want to Create an Extraordinary Legacy?
Did you know that global statistics show that one third of all family businesses survive into the second generation, and only 10% make it into the third generation?
Family businesses are some of the most important and valued organizations worldwide. But, it takes effort and skill to maintain a smart family business, and to help a family business thrive for generations. Does your family business have the infrastructure in place to ensure its lasting success?
    ●   Are you a family business owner that’s thinking about transferring ownership to your sons or daughters?
    ●   Have you been looking to strengthen your family business performance, or clarify its organizational structure?
    ●   Do you want to improve your corporate governance structure while elevating profits?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re in the right place. Running a family business is extraordinarily complex and challenging. From transferring ownership to ensuring consistent profits, mediating interpersonal conflicts to managing taxes - you deserve the kind of assistance that can ensure you a positive, successful experience.

That’s where BC Family Business Center (BCFBC) comes in.

Here, we help family business owners reduce associated risks and manage a smooth transition of business ownership to the next generation, and we give family businesses the ability to strengthen their current business performance and organizational structure.
We are excited to bring you game-changing solutions that keep your family and business healthy and profitable for years into the future.

What You Get:
Here at BCFBC, you get comprehensive solutions designed to make your business a winner.

    ●   Succession Awareness, Planning, and Execution
        Ensure you’re ready to pass your business and estate on to the next generation.

    ●   Corporate Governance
        Put systems in place that make your business run more smoothly.

    ●   Performance Improvement
        Launch your business to the next level and increase your bottom line.

Now’s Your Moment to Thrive
Your business has huge potential. Let’s make sure you have the structure in place to meet your every goal. Here at FBC, we are eager to listen to your concerns, assess your business risks, and prepare and execute an action plan that helps you to unlock your business success, and most importantly, Maintain your Legacy.

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